Measure Anything On Your Screen With Pixelsnap 2

With this video tutorial, we will learn about Pixelsnap 2 and how you can measure anything on your screen with this powerful Mac application.

We dive into how to use Pixelsnap 2, along with its options and integrations. TLDR: it’s awesome! We use it every day and it adds a great deal of value to our workflow.

Pixelsnap 2 is a new version of Pixelsnap, and it adds a great deal of value and is worth the upgrade cost. Also, it integrates with a tool called Cleanshot – a screenshot tool on steroids. Pixelsnap 2 is for Mac only.

Pixelsnap 2:

Here it is, the beast itself!

Windows Alternative – PixelZoomer:

This alternative for Windows looks pretty legit. Give it a god.

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